Women In Photography

The number of female photographers is on the rise. It is not only the camera-toting men that you see making a flash nowadays. 

Being a female photographer has several advantages. In certain jobs, tasks, and duties, a female photographer’s opinion, depth, and perspective are preferred. 


Female photographers are more popular with jobs that are considered ‘intimate’. This comprises of jobs that include taking pictures of animals, newborn, older children, pregnant women, and family. 

A female photographer is also more welcome in ‘intimate’ affairs like wedding and baptismal events. 


Aside from their ‘intimate’ perspective, female photographers are also comfortable to work with. 

Some of the most intimate photographs in weddings happen during and after the event, including the ones that happen in the dressing room. In wedding events, the bride would always want a female photographer. 

A female photographer, for example, would know when the bride and bridesmaids want their photos taken, like when in act of make-up or dressing-up.
Female Instinct 
Female photographer also has the mother instinct. Whether they are mothers themselves or not, female photographers can get a baby cooing or pet dogs jumping for joy. 
They know the ways to capture great shots, great smiles, and confidence from their subjects.


Though women are gentle when it comes to their subject, they are also brutally honest. 

They can be honest with their opinion, or they can honest on their photography.  They will capture your masks and emotions you did not know you have, and they will show them to you. 


Although female photographers take solemn shots, they are not afraid to take risks for those more adventurous shots. 

They will climb trees or mountains if they have to. They will crouch, lie down, or crawl through the mud if they must. Female photographers are audacious and courageous when needed.

Kristine & Atty. Anthony | Bonnie & Clyde Inspired Engagement Session { General Santos City & Sarangani Province }

Outlawed lovers and rebellious passion. We think of those words whenever we hear the eponymous relationship between two people who work outside of the system, branded as criminals, and whose salvation was only each other’s presence. Renegade, dissident, unlawful.

Kristine and Anthony’s engagement shoot was inspired by “Bonnie and Clyde”, Anthony’s favorite movie. The film was based on the infamous criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde, who shot to fame during the Great Depression. 

Just like Bonnie and Clyde, Kristine and Anthony are each other’s confidante. Communication is important to aspire for deeper commitment. It applies to any relationship particularly one that is governed by the laws of love. 

In order to achieve the “Bonnie and Clyde” feel, we searched for 1930s fashion and styles. The fashion of early 1930s carried styles and elements from the Roaring 1920s, or the Jazz Age. During these times, women wore loose and straight-cut dresses but maintained the shape of their bodies, specially the emphasis of the natural waistline. Tops have flowing or butterfly sleeves and the bottoms are calf- or ankle-length skirts.

For men, three-piece suits are best to identify with the period. The suits can be plain or pinstriped, in rich brown or navy blue color. For added elegance, all dresses and suits should be tailor-made. Hats were essential part of the early 1930s period. For women, the most popular hat designs were cloche and beret hats. For men, the most popular hat designs were fedora, boater, and newsboy cap. 

Shoes were also important part of the early 1930s fashion. Oxford style shoes were both popular to men and women. Men’s shoes were either toe capped or in brogue, sometimes both. For women, there are many kinds of shoes but the most popular were pump shoes, sling-back heels, and peep toes. To complete the look, the men carried pocket watches or canes. Women wore pearl earrings and necklace. 

But we made it simple for our shoot. We chose two locations: an open field that could serve as a nice backdrop for the partners-in-crime’s escape after a successful heist, and the Ruiz Museum in Glan, Sarangani. Kristine, as Bonnie wore a rose-colored blazer by Mt. Sabrina over a white turtleneck, a black pencil skirt, and black heels for the open field shoot. As Clyde, Anthony wore a polo shirt, black slacks, a golfer’s cap, and black leather shoes. For props, we used money bags, attaché cases, and real rifles. 

Bonnie and Clyde’s famous accessory is their getaway car, a Ford Model B. It has an off-white, cream color, perfect for pre-nuptial pictorials. 

Though Ford Model B is now a rarity, you can use any vintage cars to go with your “Bonnie and Clyde” themed photo shoot. For our shoot, we used a red Volkswagen, readily available and easy to find. Being red, the car became a great prop for an enjoyable shoot that showed the partnership and passion of the couple.

At the Ruiz Museum suit, both wore more subdued colors: Kristine in a collared blue dress and gray golfer’s cap, and Anthony in a sleek blue suit and golfer’s cap. Trotting real rifles (but sans the  bullets), one can see kickass triumph behind their calm demeanor. 

Unlike Bonnie and Clyde who met a tragic ending, Kristine and Anthony are off to a life of blissful union and life together robbing, not cash or other people’s lives with violence, but only each other’s hearts when they finally say “I do”.


Photography: The Walking Eyes
Associate Photographer: Joi Nandu &  Huang Mei Qi 黃美琪 Photography
Engagement Session Styling: Vima Eñano Uy of Zara Collections
Hand-drawn Calligraphy: Love & Metaphor
Hair & Make Up Artists: Pong Divah & Kyla Gempero Talamor

Quick Comfort # 2: Hotel San Marco General Santos City ( Featured Hotel of the Month )

Hotel San Marco stands amidst the bustling urbanity and beating heart of Gensan. It is committed to provide guests with the finest facilities, best amenities, and hospitality services. Hotel San Marco presents international standard in both services and products.

The objective of HOTEL SAN MARCO is to meet the needs of the guests and exceed their expectation in hotel and hospitality services. They provide outstanding personalized services that convene unique and satisfying experiences.

The Services

The HOTEL SAN MARCO staff, crews, and employee are ready to help and assist the guest with their needs 24/7. They are trained well in various occupations and accessible to every guest. They are polite and hospitable, approachable and welcoming.

HOTEL SAN MARCO also offers training programs to enhance knowledge, skills, and attitudes of tourism and hospitality students covering different hospitality management competencies needed for positions in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Training programs include Hospitality Management Training, Culinary Management Training, Front Office Training, and Tour Guiding Training.


The hotel has twenty-eight (28) elegant rooms with distinctive designs, special amenities, and services for the guests. Each room is specifically suitable to the requirements, requests, and desires of the guest.

Each well-equipped guestrooms is also designed for the purpose of relaxation and comfort the guests. Guests will find everything they need to do business and/or leisure within the confines of their rooms. 

All rooms are furnished with:

  • 24-hour cable television
  • Hi-speed internet facility
  • Electronic safe in every room
  • Coffee/tea making facility
  • Telephone line in every room
  • Consumable mini bar items

There are six types of guestrooms:

  • Deluxe Single (PROMO RATE: Php 1,680.00 / RACK RATE: Php 2,800.00)
  • Deluxe Premium (PROMO RATE: Php 1,980.00 / RACK RATE: Php 2,800.00)
  • Standard Twin (PROMO RATE: Php 1,980.00 / RACK RATE: Php 2,800.00)
  • Superior Room (PROMO RATE: Php 2,280.00 / RACK RATE: Php 3,200.00)
  • Family Room (PROMO RATE: Php 2,680.00 / RACK RATE: Php 3,800.00)
  • Family Suite (PROMO RATE: Php 2,880.00 / RACK RATE: Php 4,300.00)
  • Matrimonial Suite (PROMO RATE: Php 2,680.00 / RACK RATE: Php 4,000.00)

Facilities and Amenities

HOTEL SAN MARCO maintains the highest standards of hospitality and graciousness that preserve its fine reputation and tradition of excellence. HOTEL SAN MARCO offers amenities for the guests while at stay. 

Amenities include: 
  • Hotel Lobby, a relaxing place and good ambience while waiting or just lounging
  • Café Verona, an all-day dining restaurant with incorporates both Asian and Western cuisine, and includes local culinary specialties  
  • Vedana Nail Spa, for a rejuvenating body treatment
  • Roof Deck, to experience the sprawling view of the cityscape, sea, and mountain 

For more information, contact: 

Laurel East Street, General Santos City
Tel. No. +6383 301-1818
Mobile +63922.8217332 (Sun)
+63947.8932237 (Smart)
+63917.7065347 (Globe)
E-mail: hotel_sanmarco@yahoo.com


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