Pet & PJay | Outdoor Love Engagement Sessions { General Santos City & Banga, South Cotabato }

On a sunny day, we took a hike with Maphett (or Pet) & Pjay (PJ) at the verdant woods of Banga, South Cotabato for their Outdoor Love Engagement Session.  They were dressed in couple’s shirts, shorts, and hiking boots— both wearing purple backpacks; binoculars around their necks. To where? 

But does the destination matter?

Pet & PJ have started the journey years ago—when they met and became friends back in college. When both joined and became active in a Christian ministry for children and young teens, their friendship deepened.


It was their parents who saw a connection that could go beyond friendship. They opened the reality of the ministry to Pet and PJ. Now a pastor, PJ shares the ingredient of a strong and happy relationship. According to him, "A loving prayerful relationship is a good relationship". Pet, who works as a programmer, balances the relationship by always making quality time for both PJ and the ministry.

On March 16, 2013, while having coffee at Starbucks, PJ popped the question. Pet, of course, said yes.It was a special part of the shoot when we went to the Starbucks SM City branch where PJ proposed to Pet. This time they wore red couples’ shirts, jeans, and red sneakers. 

Being together is a matter of understanding each other and showing compassion. “...we want to be with each other not because of the strengths that we can see but because we discern to see and embrace the weaknesses that we have,” said PJ.


A crucial ingredient to sustaining a relationship is FUN. Their outgoing personalities showed in our Pinoy games- themed shoot. They played tumba lata with ministry kids. Tumba lata or ‘fallen can’ in English is a popular Philippine  game that calls for the players to make weapons of their slippers. Their target? A tin can set up several feet away from them. The players have to tackle the can with a throw of their slippers. 

This themed engagement session styled by Ms. Vina Routel of Love & Metaphor produced genuine fun for everyone. Playing tumba lata put PJ, Pet and the kids at ease until we could hear their laughter from within. 


PJ and Pet understand that agreeing to “till death do us part” is not the guarantee of a lasting marriage. Rather, working on being together every day is. 

PJ explains: “Our view for a good relationship is ABCD. A for Accepting each other's weaknesses and  God's dealing to us in every circumstance. B is for Believing each other's views with respect and love  without a doubt. 

Moreover, Believing in what God says through His Word. C is for Confessing every mistake to each other and unto God and to keep a promise to help each other to stand up and be encouraged. And D is for Developing each other’s strengths through daily appreciation.”

Now, the journey starts to infinity and beyond.

And as Jim Brickman’s song “The Love I Found in You” goes:

“You are my shelter from the storm
You are the road that leads me home
And baby, with you here face to face

Oh, I know I've found my place...”


PJay x Pet | Simply Nature & Starbucks Engagement Sessions { Banga, South Cotabato } from Van Almeria | Photo Blogger on Vimeo.

Concept, Set Design & Styling: Vina Routel of Love & Metaphor
Photography: © | The Walking Eyes

Locations: Cabudian, Banga, South Cotabato, Starbucks SM City GenSan

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