{Joel & Karen} Law of Attraction | Engagement Session | General Santos City

So a month before Joel and Karen's wedding we took some time on a fine Tuesday afternoon to get together for their engagement photo shoot. The couple favoured  the rejuvenating and soothingly dark-roasted funkiness of Cafe Amoree as the location for the two out of four engagement sessions we had during that day. The ambient light emanating from the windows of the coffeeshop was really adorable.

What I love about the engagement session of Joel and Karen are the unprompted, spur-of- the-moment intimacies. I just adore Karen's zestful characteristic and how her lips keenly curved into a smile. Joel on the other hand was endearing -- showing off his gestures of affection (not to mention some of which were kept under wraps). 

Others would say that love is full of patterns, reasons and logical explanations but photographing Joel and Karen, I realised that love is happiness and pleasure. It is both mysterious and magical. It was as if the law of attraction in love was really manifested.

My gratitude to Joel and Karen for the opportunity. 

I hope you'll enjoy the sweet visual treat! There will be more, I promise!

Location: Cafe Amoree, General Santos City
 Coordination: Kareen Kay Dacayo 
 Co-Photo: Tuesdy Marie Baliza 
 Hair & Make up: Pong Divah


  1. I thought I was really busy when I started browsing the net for something urgent. But! really I ended up caught up between the photos in this site.The pictures are very fascinating.I cant stop looking at it. They were taken and arranged with brilliance and simplicity but equally fab! grrr!!!! am such a fan.the sets also transcends the joy and love from your subjects.magical! Keep it up Van!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Michelle! They're one of the best couples I have photographed. Sponeity of the moment = LOVE! I am looking forward to hearing your love story very, very soon! :P Spread the Love! :)


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