{Joel & Karen} Bohemian Love | Engagement Session | General Santos City

Joel & Karen's wedding theme deviates from the run-of-the-mill and traditional wedding concepts. Finding a wedding theme according to Joel and Karen was not an easy feat.  But with the bride's hankering for a dream wedding, ambitious wedding ideas have sprung. 

Optioned by the couple to be their wedding coordinator, Ms. Kareen Kay Dacayo has fashioned their dream wedding with her priceless ingenuity. She's got her creative hands into the fab job of styling the engagement session and setting out the nitty-gritty of their wedding.

Adhering to their Rustic Bohemian Inspired Wedding, here's our take on Bohemian Love. If you adore honesty, details and spontaneity, you will surely love their third set of engagement session snapshots.



  1. One of a kind..Amazing..Looking forward to your next post..

  2. Thanks for the compliment Atchie Kaye! :) Will be uploading the wedding photos very soon.


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