15th GenSan Tuna Festival (2013) Schedule of Activities

The city of General Santos lies atop the head of Sarangani Bay and has been dubbed as the “Boom Town City of the South” owing to its reputation as one of the most promising developing cities in the Philippines. 

This phenomenon has occurred largely because of its highly lucrative trade in tuna. During the past few decades, the city has established itself as the foremost supplier and exporter of this highly coveted marine delicacy, both here and abroad, and has ranked number seven among the world’s leading suppliers of tuna. It has taken the utmost advantage of its perfect geographical positioning along the coastline and has spawned an aggressive and financially competitive industry within its borders. Its economic progress in this field has been rivalled by none since its beginnings. 

The city serves as a home for no less than seven tuna canning factories which turn out a staggering 750 metric tons of product per day and employs over 7,800 workers. As of 2012, it has produced a record 5,031,866 kilograms of export quality “sashimi grade” tuna, which is the most highly prized of its class. Its domestic distribution base includes the cities of Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao, Cotabato and Manila. While it’s foreign market stretches as far as Japan and the United States.

In line with this, General Santos City will celebrate the 2013 Tuna Festival on August 15 - September 15, 2013.

Festival highlights include:

Sept 5, 2013, Oval Grandstand - Grand Opening & Tuna Float Parade
Sept 7, 2013, Queen Tuna Park - 1st SJSA Tunafest Jetski Invitational Challenge
Sept 8, 2013, Queen Tuna Park - Bombo Radyo Bancarera
Sept 9, 2013, Oval Grandstand - Tuna Pasiklaban Street Dancing Competition

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Sharing with you the photos I took during the 2012 Tuna Float Parade:

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